Brand Spark

By Kelly

Does your brand have spark?

You know, that ingredient of magic that helps your business stand out in a busy arena? That rare and elusive ‘je ne said quoi’ that gets your brand noticed.

You probably know which of your competitors in your sector have ‘it’. They always look so damn cool, they’re on your radar, you read their social media posts and think ‘yeah, you’re so bang on, that’s great’, they attract the coolest cats to work for them and they land kick-ass clients. This is all awesome for them, but what about you and your brand.

In the tirelessly busy 21st Century it’s easy to get yourself stuck on a treadmill of wake + coffee + get shit done + eat + netflix + sleep x repeat. We all do it, we get it. Wouldn’t it be great to shake off some of that day to day baggage and get back to what the original point of your brand was.

Find your magic, find your spark.

Friends have created the Brand Spark Session. An energising and inspirational bite size chunk of brand goodness designed to light your spark and make a BIG impact on your business.

— The Brand Spark Session is your opportunity to work alongside creative brand experts and visionary thinkers Friends for a morning or afternoon.

— We’ll help you discover the critical benchmarks of successful branding and give you the time, tools and space needed to help you focus on creating an enduring and compelling brand message.

— Working through our Brand Discovery, we’ll cover a lot of ground. We can also focus this session so that’s it’s unique to you and your business, perhaps you’d like to focus on trying to work out how to find a great name for your new business or product. It could be that you’re really struggling with imagery and just don’t know where to start. We can help you with all of this.

— You’ll leave this session having laid strong foundations for your brand, you’ll go away with clarity, confidence and a clear vision of how to bring unity to your offering.

— It’s a given that we’ll go hard with the caffeinated drinks and of course get decent biscuits in to!

Hit us up for more info, we’d love to hear from you
01326 373953 / weare@designbyfriends.co.uk