Cornwall Business Show

By Kelly

Last Thursday we escaped the Friends studio and headed to the Cornwall Business Show. The show has been growing year on year and has quickly become one of the most important dates in Cornwall’s business calendar. Not only is it the largest event of its kind in the county, it also boasts the greatest inclusivity, with businesses varying greatly in size, trading years and sector; from accountants to printers, from lighting specialists to chiropractors.

This variety means that whatever industry you’re in, you are bound to make some new useful contacts, as well as bumping into some old faces (this is Cornwall after all!) However networking wasn’t our only reason for attending this year’s show, we also went to have a sneaky peak at the exhibition space we designed for one of our clients, Whyfield. Since first exhibiting at the show in 2014 they have doubled their number of clients and wanted a bold exhibition space that reflected this growth and who they are as a company.

Following Friend’s recent design of the Whyfield office space, which is so loved by both employees and clients, we wanted to take that experience to the show. The offices are bright and bold, naturally lending themselves to the client’s brief of an exhibition space that would stand out. Before the design process began we worked closely with Cornwall Signs, discussing options and exploring what would be the best route for the show.

Whyfield decided on 5mm Foamex boards that would cover the whole of their wall space, making their exhibition space clean and professional. After exploring a few directions that mirrored the office space, one was decided on that was based on the bold shapes applied to Whyfield’s glass-walled meeting room. The brand was further carried across the boards with use of the brand mark, icon system and brand palette.

Further to bringing the experience of the office space to the show, Whyfield brought their podium with them. The podium, designed by Friends and printed and custom built by Cornwall Signs, was designed to be a moveable item that could be used in the office, as well as on location at events. The podium certainly did its job at the show, providing storage that kept the space tidy while still communicating Whyfield’s brand.

However experiencing the office space was just the start for Whyfield. They decided to bring with them to the show their much loved “Fat Fridays” by handing out delicious homemade brownies in little boxes carrying Whyfield branded stickers, designed and sourced by Friends.

This really complimented the experience of the exhibition and added a really personal touch; spending two nights baking is dedication to the cause! Friends also spent some time researching possible branded handouts, and after receiving a list of possible options, costs and suppliers, Whyfield decided on some Whyfield-blue piggybanks which definitely went down a storm with show attendees.

But as fun as brownies and piggybanks are, it was important that Whyfield also had some information to hand out to those popping by the stand. In the lead up to the exhibition Friends updated the beautiful brochure we previously designed for Whyfield, including imagery from a recent shoot of the team and the new offices.

The brand was carried consistently throughout the whole of the exhibition experience, from the walls and brochure to the brownies and piggybanks, presenting Whyfield as the professional yet friendly, approachable and modern accountants that they are. It is such a joy to see all the separate elements that you’ve worked on coming together to create a consistent and considered overall experience.

We had a fantastic time at the Cornwall Business Show, visiting Whyfield and having a nosey around the other 100+ businesses represented on the day. We look forward to the challenge of creating something new and exciting for next year’s show.

photography by Lee Searle & Simon Burt

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