What makes a design considered?

By Kelly

Each year we take on a just a handful of brand identity design projects. Why?

Well for a start we’re not Tescos, we don’t stack em’ high, sell em’ cheap. We care about your brand, we care about you. We pour ourselves absolutely and resolutely into every new project with passion and expertise.

We could of course take a different stance, we could easily rattle through a load more projects over the course of a year, but the way we work is intricate, it’s thoughtful. Ideas of all shapes and sizes are considered and explored, the drawing of the brand identity is crafted with intention, it’s drawn and re-drawn, looking at the brand architecture from all angles. Then there are those lovely details. Those exquisite, clever, interesting details of your new brand, the tiny pieces of the design that fill your heart (and ours) with delicious joy. Those precious details are often explored even more so than the main affair.

This is not superfluous or artificial by the way, this is not marketing BS we’re talking about here. To design and create a new brand identity, for us, is a complete aesthetic. It’s the relationship between the brand, you (our client), your customer and us that means so much. The four elements of this tasty design pie, all working together as one towards a shared goal, a shared vision.

We believe a successful brand identity, above all else, needs to have an immediate feeling of trust. It can be refined, elegant, bold, earthy, playful, sensual, relaxed, fun. It can be anything and everything, whatever you need it to be, we’re 100% on board with this, but it must be trusted. It should evoke a specific feeling in your unique customer so that they first notice you, then engage, buy from you and ultimately stay loyal to you + tell all their friends.

In case you were wondering, this doesn’t happen by chance. To design a brand identity that speaks directly to your customer, has to be thoroughly considered and then executed with great expertise, vision and flair. Similar to an artist’s sketchbook, there is huge amount of strategic research and exploration that has to happen before the drawing stages can even begin. We can’t simply knock something up because it looks a certain way or is ‘kinda fashionable’ right now, or because we can get it over to you by the end of next week.

Here’s the other thing, ‘good enough’ is often ok in many, many situations. I am in fact a big ol’ fan of ‘good enough’.

Many times I’ve washed the dishes at the end of the day (Darren will of course argue this point, but no matter) and then realise I’ve forgotten the oven tray. Oh well, good enough, I’ll soak the tray and do that in the morning. No drama. I order a latte at my local coffee shop, they make me a cappuccino. No problem I say, I’ll take it, good enough. You get the idea. This however is not one of those situations, because in our world of brand design (which I realise is pretty all encompassing and not for everyone), ‘good enough’ just can never, ever be good enough. Not for us and not for our clients.

We love to create iconic brands – beautiful and simple design that is timeless and with a twist. Our brands have longevity, they are designed and built to last. They can of course be updated and developed in the future, sure, we love to do that with you. But what you don’t want to be doing is relaunching your brand every few years because it’s not quite working. This makes no sense to anyone. It’ll hit your budget having to re-do something over and over again, confuse your customers, unsettle your team, make your competitors look over at you and think you’ve not really got a grip on what your doing right now, you’ll look like you don’t know who you are and who you are for. It’s impossible to be all things to all people.

Consider this, to design a brand identity that speaks, without deviation, straight to your customer — builds trust, creates loyalty, tells your story, your truth and of course delights, won’t happen by chance.  At some point you must be brave and stick your flag in the ground. Make the decision to go all in, be brave, be bold and enjoy the process of designing your brand brilliantly. Give it the time and chutzpah it deserves, we promise you won’t regret it.

photography by Pip Hayler Photography & Simon Burt