Little Nippers

By Kelly

It’s hard to believe that we’re already in June, and before we know it the summer holidays will be upon us once again. Looking back at some of our projects we can’t quite believe it was 2 years ago that we worked with Gorran Pre School to help them create a mini-brand and website to give parents access to all the information and resources they need in a clear, considered and beautiful manner.

Friends started with a “Mini-Brand” – refining the school’s self-created wordmark in a way that was sympathetic to the friendliness and fun that is so intrinsic to the work of the school. Working in collaboration with every client is key to Friends’ process, a value which was thoroughly carried out as the children provided drawings which were used to create supporting marques for the brand, communicating the creative environment of the school. This ethos was also carried across a bold, fun colour palette that really brings the brand and website to life.

Speaking of websites, in today’s digital age they are one of the first points of contact for every organisation, business and service, creating that all-important first impression. Gorran Pre School knew their website must not only verbally, but also visually, describe the fun and vibrancy of their school. While researching for this project Friends found that school websites doing this well were few and far-between. Not only that, but the large quantities of information required were often poorly handled, creating nightmare-inducing navigation systems.

Needing to carry a lot of information, Gorran Pre School’s website is extensive. However, Friends worked hard to ensure that “extensive” didn’t mean “complicated.” The information is spread out to make each page easily digestible, and is organised into a clear navigation system that allows the user to access everything they need, nightmare free. This information was built around the photography that the school commissioned from photographer Estelle Packer, capturing a real sense of the environment the school provides for the children it cares for so that parents can interact with it visually as well as verbally.

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photography by Estelle Packer & Illustrations by the children, Luke, aged 3 & Poppy, aged 4.

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