New Year, New Business

By Kelly

Giving back is one of the key, but sadly most often neglected, benchmarks of successful brands. We’re privileged to work with innovative accountants Whyfield, who really excel at giving back and recently launched a series of seminars ‘New Year, New Business’, offering business advise to a selection of their clients. Friends’ Kelly Thomas was honoured to be invited to give a presentation at the first in this series, talking about Business Branding and Identity.

After confessing her fussy childhood refusal to carry ‘certain’ shopping bags she didn’t like the look of, Kelly Thomas, Brand Strategist & Studio Director at Friends, launched her presentation asking the question – ‘Why are we so judgemental?’ and discussing where does this sense of judgement come from and how come, millions of years later, just like our ancestors we continue to make split-second decision concerning all aspects of our life; including what we eat, where we go and who we hang out with.

Kelly says “the subject of why we adore particular brands is so fascinating to me, I’m so interested in why we are faithfully loyal to our favourite brands and looking at the ways successful brands build and develop themselves to keep our attention and more importantly us spending our money with them”.

The second seminar of the morning was presented by Kevin Miller, Founding Director at Apex HR, who delivered an engaging and inspiring presentation on Personal Brand and the difference it makes to your business as a whole. We’re big fans of Kevin and his team at Apex HR and highly recommend you find out more about his work (and passion) to humanise workplaces.

A huge thank you to Whyfield for hosting this brilliant series of business seminars and for asking us to participate (less of a thanks for making us go first!!). We had a great morning, meeting some fascinating business owners, we hope our input has given those present some insight into building a successful brand and why it is so darn important for success in business.