Open Return

By Darren

Our boy loves trains. By this what I actually mean is that he is fanatical about trains. Yes our 3 year old is a train geek, not quite a spotter but definitely a geek!

Our time as family is now spent more often that not at local train stations; we go on train journeys, diesel and steamies, visit shunting yards and old repair sheds. We go on bike rides, but only the Bissoe trail where of course the track runs under a viaduct bridge. We then have to wait for a local branch line train to cross the bridge before the bike ride can continue, I’m not joking!

Our boy is also most passionate about train modelling, he’s already outgrown his Brio train set and moved onto Hornby (mine from when I was a kid), he loves visiting train modelling exhibitions and already we are being recognised as ‘regular visitors’ on the circuit. As a family we have no choice to embrace his passion but actually we’re secretly loving it too.

I’ve always loved the old British Railway brand, the iconic ‘double arrows’ including the BR manuals and liveries. Increasingly my Instagram feed was filling up with inspirations in type, design and signage from all of our outings and so in the end I’ve decided to start an Instagram feed dedicated to this new family obsession of ours.

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