Our new Site

By Darren

The cobbler’s children have finally got some new shoes!

Just like the cobbler’s children who have been living with their old, worn-out shoes, for the last few years Friends have been working hard designing beautiful websites for clients without one of our own. However, we are very excited that after years of hard work we are finally launching our studio website, showcasing some of the work that we are most proud to look at and say “We did that.”

This is something we always knew we wanted to do, but one of those things that got pushed a little bit further down the priority list with every project that came our way. If we didn’t already know that it is so much harder to design for yourself than others then we certainly would have learned it during this process! But finally after months of designing, redesigning, photoshoots and copywriting, the Friends website has sprung to life.

Friends was established in 2012 in the spare room of our little house and has been growing and evolving ever since. Over the last 4 years we’ve had the chance to continue working with some of our lovely longstanding clients, start working with lots of great new clients, move offices, do plenty of networking and continue to keep coffee suppliers in business. We’ve come a long way since we first opened up our laptops in the spare room and our website is a celebration of the journey we’ve travelled to be the agency we are today.

Being in a visual industry we see it as vitally important to have a place to showcase the projects we’re most proud to have been a part of, to provide insight into what we do and how it makes a difference. Showcasing work in this way gives us an opportunity to explain the process behind the design, all of the thought and research that goes into creating a considered outcome that communicates who the client is, what they do and what they stand for.

With the website finally live, not only is it an opportunity for you to see our journey up until this point, but a place for us to keep updated with what we’re creating, who we’re working with and what we’re inspired by. We look forward to sharing our continuing journey with you!

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