Expertly crafted, imaginatively delivered

With a reputation for brand identities and brand strategy, we personally manage every aspect of each project which is why we spend time getting to know each potential partnership to ensure there is resonance and relationship. We care about our clients and immerse ourselves in your project. From passionate entrepreneurs to established organisations, we bring creativity, credibility and strategy to your visual identity.

Because of the time and energy we invest into each project, we only work on a handful of brand identity projects each year. We like to get really involved and know our clients intimately – after all, we’re Friends, right?

our expertise include:

Brand Identity Design  /  Naming & Branding Strategy  /  Brand Guidelines & Brand Architecture  /  Packaging Design  /  Printed Communications  /  Advertising  /  Interior Design  /  Signage & Wayfinding  /  Exhibition Design  /  Website Design & Development  /  Creative Partnerships & Project Management

We firmly believe creativity starts with a conversation  – we would love to talk about your project and our potential partnership.


BP&O  /  Identity Designed  /  Harry’s Notes  /  Design & Design  /  The Best Design  /  Logo Designer  /  Media & Innovation Awards  /  Good Design Makes Me Happy  /  The Drum  /  Alphabet Logo: Trademarks & Symbols by Counter-Print  /  Branding & Identity by Artpower  /  Comic Sans for Cancer  /  Fedrigoni 365

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