Sick of purses and wallets bursting at the seams with loyalty cards, extended queue times and big chains cashing in on loyalty schemes while local businesses are ignored. A team of forward thinking individuals set out to change the way we think about loyalty with an app that gives a wide range of local companies an easy way to provide paperless rewards for their loyal customers.

Before they could do anything else, this new business needed a name; and after a short chat with Friends they were booked in for a Naming Workshop. Getting to the heart of what this business was trying to achieve, and the values behind it, was pivotal to the naming process. With ideas based around stamps, Cornish origins, shopping locally and keeping everything you need in one place, Friends had their work cut out. After extensive research, name generation, filtering and presenting to the client, the name ALLIOP was chosen – representing the phrase ALL In One Place.

With the name decided on, Friends set to work on the brand. As presentations took place and feedback came in it became clear that the Alliop team were keen to head towards a brand that reflected the classic ‘stamp’ that comes with paper loyalty cards, linking the app to it’s routes. Needing to create a more physical feel to the brand, Friends got out the paintbrushes and got messy. The resulting family of stamp marks is a versatile family that can be used in a large variety of ways, and the bold wordmark feels appropriately modern for the new loyalty technology, while tying the brand to its original format.

Starting in Cornwall, Alliop has already seen a number of businesses benefit from increased loyalty and plan to roll out their app across other parts of the Southwest, before taking it across the rest of the UK. So start clearing out your wallets and purses, and look forward to keeping your free coffees, discounted haircuts and many other rewards ALL In One Place.

photography by Pip Hayler

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Friends in an excellent agency we have used for a number of projects, always with excellent results and a quick turn around when needed. We have recommended them to a number of other companies who have also been very pleased with the excellent service provided. They are a professional but fun team always pushing the boundaries of new ideas.

Natalie Hadfield, Managing Director

Alliop founders, Natalie Hadfield, Kevin Hadfield and Ryan Shillito recently named within Cornwall Entrepreneurs Top 50 List.

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