Clarity Wealth Management

The world of financial wealth management is viewed by many as a traditional strand within today’s modern world of finance; all too often the branding surrounding this sector reinforces those preconceptions. However, in recognition that their brand should reflect the innovative and timeless nature of their business, Clarity Wealth Management commissioned Friends to create a brand that communicated their clear, up-to-date approach, while maintaining the confidence in quality of service experienced by their current clients.

As Friends started work on the rebrand, it was the accessibility, simplicity, confidence and professionalism of Clarity that shaped the design process, also keeping in mind the long-established nature of the business. The resulting wordmark is modern yet timeless, clear and confident. The supporting serif typeface is equally modern while hinting towards Clarity’s well established roots and maintaining confidence in loyal clients. The original colour palette was applied, using Clarity’s bright and clear turquoise alongside a range of greys to create a striking and professional aesthetic.

The brand was rolled out across a wide range of collateral including Clarity’s most important point of contact, a fully responsive and beautifully redesigned website. It was especially important that the website was clean, clear and easy to use, to give potential clients confidence that their experience dealing with Clarity would feel just as simple and enjoyable. The consistency with which the new brand was rolled out across all points of contact for clients, current and future, repositions Clarity Wealth Management as the confident, current and trustworthy business that they are.

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I recently approached Friends, on behalf of Clarity Wealth Management, a large, multi-location client with a view to rebranding and moving into the wider London market. The Friends team, recognised and understood the need to meet the client’s brief, taking time to develop their knowledge to match this. Initially attracted to Friends, for their reputation of thinking ‘outside the norm’, the team proved to be friendly, forward thinking and reliable. The team at Friends come highly recommended and without hesitation.

Gavin Jones, CEO Gavin Jones Consultancy