Curds and Croust

Did you hear about the explosion in the cheese factory? De-brie went everywhere.

Recently in Cornwall there has been a bit of a cheese explosion, but the good kind. Since launching their bries and camembert last year, Curds and Croust have been fighting to keep up with the demand for their award-winning range of cheeses. Friends were privileged to be commissioned by marketing agency Wolf Rock as typographic and graphical experts to bring the concept for this thoroughly Cornish and wonderfully artisan brand to life.

Working with the initial brand concept and packaging visuals created by Wolf Rock, Friends drew inspiration from the character names and their corresponding illustrations (commissioned by Wolf Rock from the incredibly talented Caroline Pedler). These idiosyncratic personalities were applied across the packaging through careful consideration of the colour palette and type choices and treatment; always aiming to communicate sophistication and quality, as well as the inherently local and hand-crafted nature of the Curds and Croust products.

The treatment of the type was a particularly involved area for Friends. A key part of the brand concept created by Wolf Rock was the authenticity and uniqueness of the products, and having researched into French and vintage cheeses, they knew this had to be reflected in every area of the branding and packaging.

Friends knew that an off-the-shelf typeface just wouldn’t do for a product so unique. Using an existing typeface as a base, rounded serifs were carefully considered and added to produce an authentic and trustworthy feel to the brand wordmark.

Once the branding and packaging were completed, Friends continued to work with Wolf Rock to design a brochure and website. The website was designed to showcase the individuality of the cheeses, the process and history behind them and the values of the company. Alongside Caroline’s illustrations, these aspects are beautifully portrayed through the photography that Wolf Rock commissioned from local photographer Matt Jessop.

Soon after launching, the Curds and Croust cheeses scooped up two bronzes at the 2016 British Cheese Awards, as well as a bronze and a gold at the 2016 South West Cheese Awards. The cheeses have proved extremely popular around Cornwall and have even burst the banks of the Tamar, heading into other parts of the UK.

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photography by Pip Hayler & Illustration by Caroline Pedler

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It was really helpful to have expertise from Friends in bringing our concept to life. They took the concept we had roughed out and worked up the elements of our direction most beautifully. Working with Friends is always a pleasure. They are creative and understand marketing briefs well – and are on time and on budget too. What more could you want!

Phil Gendall, Director Wolf Rock