Doyen Voss

Looking to make a name for themselves, this new business approached Friends to do just that – create a name. With a clear vision for his new business, Friends worked closely with founder Mike Jennings to create a name and visual identity that would get his mobile detailing and valeting business off to a strong start.

Here at Friends we love a workshop – getting to the core of a business’ values is crucial to creating an effective brand. During the naming workshop it quickly became clear that this new business would be high quality, professional, friendly and welcoming; focusing on high-end vehicles but open to everyone. Once these pieces of the branding puzzle were in place the rest of the workshop took place with these core values in mind.

After various exercises carried out with the client, Friends took the final words shortlist and got their thinking caps on. 25+ names and a lot of deliberating later… Doyen Voss was chosen. To give clarity to the new abstract name, a strong descriptive tagline was required. With the word “unparalleled” having made repeat appearances during the workshop, it made sense that the clear and concise “unparalleled detailing and valeting” would become the accompanying tagline.

Like the name, the visual identity had to portray both the quality and friendliness of the service being offered; the final route was chosen with this and a broad spectrum of customers in mind. The supporting marque combines the D and V letterforms while resembling a shield – a shape commonly associated with both car badges and excellence. A strong colour palette was also developed to portray quality and professionalism, while remaining neutral and accessible.

The brand has now been rolled out across a bold van livery, professional flyers, uniforms and business cards that make an excellent first impression. Doyen Voss has been an instant hit and Mike’s clear vision and carefully considered branding, along with his expert skills, have driven him (pun-intended) to the top of the detailing and valeting game almost overnight.


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The whole process with Friends was fantastic. From doing the naming workshop, right through to the design of the brand and business cards, the importance of detail was top priority. My brand identity was important to me, as a detailer I need to be seen as top of my field and I believe Friends have delivered in every aspect.

Mike Jennings, Founder