In recognition of the momentum with which their industry is moving forward, self-branded estate agents Kimberley’s reached out to Friends to refine the brand they had grown to love over their last 20 years in business. Fast forward a few weeks down the line and Friends’ wildcard entry was being implemented across what could no longer be called a refinement, but a complete rebrand.

As Friends worked on refining the existing brand, their ideas naturally developed into routes further removed from the current brand, but still communicating the values at the heart of Kimberley’s business. To the surprise of both Friends and Kimberley’s, it was the route furthest removed from the existing brand that was loved by the client and chosen to be developed and implemented.

The original business name and core brand colour were left untouched, enabling a cohesion that Kimberley’s were keen to create for the sake of their existing clients and brand history. Other than these elements it was all change; with the wordmark moving from an uppercase serif to a lowercase sans, the addition of a supporting mark and illustration, and the expansion of the brand colour palette.

The resulting brand communicates the friendly and personal service which is at the core of who Kimberley’s are, and is what sets them apart from the competition. With longevity also a key consideration, Friends hope to see this local independent business continue to grow and succeed for many years to come.

photography by Pip Hayler

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