Oxford Innovation Services

Oxford Innovation Services are an organisation with a vision to help SMEs grow their businesses through expert investment and development services, and for the last 25 years have been the lead provider of support to high growth and innovative companies in the South of England.

Having never produced anything like this before, when Oxford Innovation Services took the bold step to put together a printed brochure raising awareness of their activities, influencing policy makers and positioning themselves as leaders in their field, they commissioned Friends’ own expert services.

Needing to capture the attention of Oxford Innovation Services’ key audiences, including Government Departments, and to convey their authoritative voice in business support and provide insights into their approaches and expertise, Friends worked tirelessly to understand Oxford Innovation Services and their offering inside out. Considering the key audiences it was paramount that information was presented in a professional and sophisticated manner. The pace and styling also needed special attention to present the large amount of information in a clear, accessible way. To aid this Friends created infographics that visually communicate some of the key information and statistics.

Every detail was considered to ensure a quality finish, including paper. After having dummies made up and sent off, it was agreed that Munken Polar Rough in a heavy weight was the winning candidate. The final brochure looks and feels professional enough to sit in the hands of government officials while providing a clear and understandable resource for everyone who supports or benefits from Oxford Innovation Services.

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studio photography by Pip Hayler & brand imagery from Oxford Innovation

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