Instinct Bites

The media is always shouting the latest ‘health’ fad at us; turmeric lattes, ‘teatoxing’ and even drinking homemade chicken stock (we’ll stick to our studio supply of fruit teas thanks), but Prehistoric Health Ltd is a company that looks at modern health a little differently.

Dominic, the founder, learnt through his love of Ju-Jutsu that when it comes to health he should trust his instinct over the countless (and often questionable) articles the media has to offer. That’s what led him to create Prehistoric Health Ltd, a company that applies the behaviours of our ancestors to a 21st century lifestyle, offering information and advice on incorporating a natural diet and regular outdoor exercise into our everyday modern lives.

As part of their mission to change our society’s understanding of health, Prehistoric created a product called Instinct Bites; fruit dehydrated using an innovative and unique process that maintains all of the fruit’s original nutrients. Friends were approached to refine and develop their self-created brand to better enable them to present the product to the international market.

With important meetings on the horizon Friends set to work on the time critical project, refining the wordmark and developing the brand across a range of packaging that reflects the natural and healthy manner of the product, whilst presenting it as a fun and innovative way to consume fruit. After having a little too much fun and creating numerous routes for the client, we worked with Prehistoric to filter through and find the option that they felt best reflected their product.

Instinct Bites come in a range of fruit combinations, each of which was considered in developing a bright and colourful palette that gives a sense of the flavour and nutrition maintained in every mouthful. In contrast to this the wordmark has been kept to a simple black and grey, making it easy to carry across all current and future flavour ranges.

We had great fun working on this innovative and colour-filled project and look forward to seeing Instinct Bites spread far and wide. If you need us we’ll be in the studio munching our way through a few bags of Kiwi Apple.

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