Tanya Leech

Tanya Leech is a talented interior designer spending her time creating beautifully considered and contemporary interiors for homes in amazing coastal locations. Tanya particularly enjoys working on architect designed new build houses as well as grade II listed manor houses and even superyachts at Pendennis Shipyard.

Tanya’s business began over a decade ago as ‘Tanya, Curtains by Design’, the business was focused on creating bespoke upholstery and curtains for her clients, the finishing touches to any well designed home. As the business developed so did Tanya’s capabilities with her honing her interior design skills and eventually becoming a member of BIID (British Institute of Interior Design). Tanya also now has a Diploma in Interior Design from the world renowned KLC School of Design, Chelsea. With these developments to the business it was time for a complete brand overhaul starting with a name change.

The team at Friends began working collaboratively with Tanya, first to establish what the new name of the business would be, followed by the creation of a brand that truly identified and represented Tanya’s business. The wordmark is quietly confident and elegant, it speaks honestly to her audience. Friends also designed a logomark, a combination of the T and L of Tanya’s name, this supporting mark can be used in isolation, as a sign off, a signature or more boldly as we did for the new livery. The brand colour palette that Friends created comprises of a set of both primary and secondary colours, restrained blues, greys and whites to reflect the coastal locations that Tanya most often works in. To bring the new brand to life Friends have also designed a fully responsive portfolio website and initial stationery items for Tanya Leech.

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photography by Anya Rice

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Looking to change the focus of my established business and raise its profile following a relocation Friends were recommended to me. I very quickly realised that I had found exactly what I was looking for. Working with Friends was a very collaborative process; as an interior designer, I knew what I liked when I saw it, but they were able to distill all the information I gave them, into a brand identity that reflected my business perfectly.

The website has been extremely well received and was instrumental in me winning two major new contracts; to design the interior of a contemporary new build apartment on the Cornish coast and the interior of a listed Georgian rectory in Hampshire.