A young, approachable and professional book-keeping and accountancy brand with big plans to expand. Whyfield owner Laura Whyte approached Friends to evolve the brand and translate it across a new stationery cupboard, print collateral and website.

The Friends team immersed themselves into the world of accountancy and a message that became very clear during this research and insight stage was the unique personality of the brand, the sense of fun and commitment to details that they had – in fact just having a personality in this sector at all was discovered to be fairly unique!

The brand identity is supported with a playful suite of icons relating to all the different services offered by Whyfield, sectors that they specialise in and some other fun icons relating more to the character and personality of the team, this included a cupcake with added sprinkles (they have cake day Fridays in the office!).

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photography by Pip Hayler & Figolux

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The team at Friends have always exceeded themselves in the quality of service they have provided to us. They took on the mission of a re-branding Whyfield as we felt we were struggling to deliver our message to potential clients and stand out from our competitors; we knew why our customers should choose us but we didn’t know how to market this. Their expertise, experience and approach of going about giving us a fresh new look far surpassed our expectations.

We were so excited by how our brand looked after we worked with Friends that we didn’t hesitate to ask them to redesign our entire website, marketing collateral and stationery, giving us a consistently professional look that people could associate with us and our growing business.