After a trip around New Zealand in a van called Freda and a realisation that peanut butter in the UK was far from the best it could be, a husband and wife team set out to bring better peanut butter to the shop shelves of Britain. Armed with a bunch of local and natural ingredients, Freda’s approached Friends to brand and package their delicious new artisan product.

Right from the off Freda’s knew their market, and they set the bar high. Hoping to one day see their nutty treat in the food halls of the most prestigious department stores, it was imperative that the brand and packaging matched the quality of such brands, while standing out from the crowd and showcasing its homemade, Cornish roots.

Extensive research led to a great diversity of routes that Freda’s were overjoyed with – seeing clients so excited to see their brand come to life definitely reminded us of why we do what we do! Once Freda’s had made the tricky decision of which route they wanted to go with Friends got stuck straight in to developing and refining the route ready for the festive season.

The final format shows off the handmade product and the seal adds that “ooo” factor to opening a new treat for the first time. The range is designed to sit well together on the shelves, while each flavour is easily differentiated through the bold colour palette and small “doodle” style illustrations of the ingredients that tie-in with Freda’s ethos of using natural and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Having launched at a couple of local Christmas markets in 2016, Freda’s are now a staple at many of Cornwall’s food festivals and have also earned their place on the shelves of some of the best Cornish food suppliers in the county. So grab a jar, grab some toast (or maybe just a spoon!) and treat yourself to some better peanut butter.

photography by Pip Hayler

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